June 19, 2024

Significance Of Mother’s Day – When Is Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the day when you can show your appreciation towards mother and all mother like individuals of the world. It is an annual event but it is difficult to say when is a mother’s day as different country celebrate it on different dates. Some countries change dates according to majority religion or the historical dates. However, in most countries it is celebrated on second Sunday of May.

When is Mothers Day
When is Mothers Day

When Is Mother’s Day

This day is celebration of mothers, motherhood and the impact they make in the society. Mother’s day 2016 is celebrated on 8th May, Sunday this year. The origin of Mothers Day is from the Greek era where mother of Greek mythology deities were honored. Christians then began celebrating this day during fourth week of lent to pay tribute to their mothers.

The day gained its recognition after 1907 when Anna Marie Jarvis started celebrating the day as a private ceremony in memory of her late mother. She used to send carnations and her mother’s favorite flowers to church earlier but later she started promoting this as an international day. Today Mothers Day is celebrated all over the world and children send gifts, cards and flowers to express their love.

Happy Mother’s Day is believed to be first celebrated in Albion, Michigan on 13th May, 1877. Juliet Calhoun Blakeley came forward to support and complete the sermon of Rev who was emotionally distraught. Her son was extremely moved by the gesture and they decided to pay tribute to her every year.

In the US, women saw Mothers day significance when Julia Ward observed this day to promote pacifism and disarmament.  On 14th May, 1914 the US President, Woodrow Wilson signed an official declaration that stated the every second Sunday of May will be celebrated as Mother’s Day every year.

It is not know exactly how and when Mothers Day was initiated. But today people celebrate this day to make the woman who makes all sacrifices and still puts a smile on her face feel special. This day children send Mothers Day wishes and greetings to acknowledge all the things done by their mother. Happy Mother’s Day 2016.


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