June 17, 2024

Akshaya Tritiya: a Popular Hindu Festival


Hindus have faith in the principle of “mahurats” or perhaps auspicious timings in each and every part of life – be it to start a brand new endeavor or perhaps producing a significant buy. Akshaya Tritiya is certainly one such type of significant event, that could be certainly one of the more auspicious times of the Hindu calendar. It is really thought; any kind of significant activity began with this day could be beneficial.

Every year

Akshaya Tritiya lies on the 3rd day of the brilliant one half of Vaishakh week (April-May), whenever the Sunshine and Moon are actually in exaltation ; they may be at the same time at their top of brightness, which occurs just once yearly.

Legend behind Akshaya Tritiya Events

There are lots of legends encircling the special event of the auspicious event. The primary legend related to Akshaya Tritiya is the fact of Lord Krishna as well as Kuchela. According to this legend a lousy Brahmin and old crony of Sri Krishna, Kuchela who seemed to be referred to as Sudama traveled to Krishna with the goal of requesting him for a few economic help. He offered with him a few “Poha” or perhaps beaten rice that was certainly one of the favorites of Lord Krishna.

Akshaya Tritya(Akha Teej) Occasions

Allow us to take a look at the conventional methods for remembering Akshaya Tritiya or even Akha Teej.

Puja – The important Puja as well as prayers with this day are typical committed to Lord Vishnu and also Goddess Lakshmi. In many homes basic Vishnu Puja is performed in the morning time with Tulsi leaves and blossoms. Detailed Lakshmi Pujan or perhaps Lakshmi Kubera Havan can be done at many locations. Individuals as well check out shrines of Goddess Lakshmi, Vishnu and also Lord Krishna.

Annadhanam – Annadhanam or even supplying food to the weak and desperate is without question certainly one of the easiest methods to convey appreciation and gratitude to God for any his good things. Hence, lots of people do Annadhanam with this day. Along with providing food, other styles of donations and also providing alms on the Akshaya Tritiya event is popular.

Paying for Gold – Because it is believed that no matter what one invests in on the event of Akshaya Tritiya will constantly grow value and carry success; people purchase gold during this day.


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